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D FDA-17-02: Collaborative development of CEOS Data Cube technology
Collaborative development of CEOS Data Cube technology
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Completion Date:
2021 Q4
CEOS Agencies will develop the CEOS Data Cube as a piece of re-usable and customizable open source technology that lowers the barriers to use of satellite Earth observation data. Activity will be undertaken in accordance with the CEOS Data Cube Work Plan.
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Open Earth Alliance (Community Activity)
External Reference:
Open Data Cube (ODC);Africa Regional Data Cube (ARDC);Digital Earth Africa
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Brian Killough
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Progress Reports:
2019-09-07 03:10:24 UTC

August 2018: The ODC and CDC initiatives continue to make excellent progress. The ODC has concentrated on the development of a core architecture to support data cube generation and operation. The CDC has been focused on "use cases" to expand the impact to the data cube for global users. In 2018, there was a release of the Africa Regional Data Cube (ARDC) for 5 countries, and demonstrations in Taiwan, Uganda, Samoa Island, Georgia and Uruguay. To date, there are 34 countries showing interest in Data Cubes with 9 operational and 6 under development.September 2017: The Open Data Cube (ODC) and CEOS Data Cube (CDC) initiatives are progressing well. A high-level "ODC Partners" group and an "ODC Steering" group have been established to coordinate the activities. The ODC has established a new website and developed ?white papers? for the ODC and CDC that describe the goals of each initiative and an ODC governance document for code management. To date, there are 29 countries showing interest in Data Cubes with 3 operational and 4 under development.April 2017: The "Open Data Cube" (ODC) is an example of a Future Data Architecture (FDA). The core team (SEO, GA, CSIRO, USGS, UKSA) is working on a number of actions to progress this initiative. These include: development of an ODC open source governance plan, continued testing and development of data cube prototypes (Colombia, Switzerland, Vietnam), development of an ODC website (software, documentation, user forum), and testing of ARD products within the ODC framework.

Brian Killough | 2019-09-12 22:25:30 UTC

September 2019: The Open Data Cube (ODC) group continues to make progress thru its collaboration of several CEOS Agencies (NASA-SEO, GA, CSIRO, USGS). The ODC website ( is the primary location used to capture the vision, implementation, applications, documents and training resources. The open source software is released thru GitHub ( The group has also been instrumental to the initiation of the Digital Earth Africa program and is evaluating further expansion for other regional data cubes. 

Marie-Claire Greening | 2021-02-15 15:20:44 UTC

February 2021: The Open Data Cube (ODC) activity continues to make progress with support from a number of CEOS Agencies (CSIRO, NASA. GA). The SEO is working on two new sandbox prototypes that will allow free/open use of ODC notebooks connected to Google Earth Engine and limited AWS datasets. These sandbox tools will be ideal for future training and capacity building activities. In addition, CSIRO and the SEO are progressing the CEOS Earth Analytics Interoperability Lab (EAIL) which uses ODC to support a number of CEOS projects.

Brian Killough | 2021-08-17 14:38:55 UTC

August 2021: The SEO released a new ODC-Sandbox ( tool that uses Google Colab and the Google Earth Engine datasets. This tool was demonstrated at two Jupyter notebook webinars and two Digital Earth Americas webinars. The tool ideal for training and capacity building of ODC concepts and the use of CEOS satellite data. In addition, CSIRO-Chile released the new CEOS Earth Analytics Interoperability Lab (EAIL) which uses ODC to support a number of CEOS projects including COAST and Disasters.

2019-09-07 03:10:24 UTC
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