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D DIS-19-04: Final Haiti RO Report
Final Haiti RO Report
Creation Year:
Completion Date:
2021 Q1

Report on final Haiti RO results including clear indication of lessons learned for specific role of satellite data contributing to time line of recovery and relief needs assessments (days;weeks;months;years);type of information specific to recovery and identification of parallel or secondary data and product needs (eg. air and water quality;resource and ecosystem monitoring etc.). Consideration to cost/benefit and the need for ground and insitu verification;sustainability and capacity building;resilience development needs

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Responsible Users:
Helene De Boissezon
Responsible CEOS Entities:
Contributing Agencies:
CNES, WB, DLR, USAID, CSIRO, UKSpace, ASI, EU, recovery agencies and institutions.
Progress Reports:
2019-09-07 03:10:24 UTC

Created November 2018

| 2019-09-19 12:27:50 UTC

Update September 2019. The RO made significant progress in 2019, with a second local user workshop being held to reach out to local users, and a third national workshop. The workshops were the opportunity to review products generated by the RO team with end users and to define the strategy for long-term sustainability of elements that are working well. In particular linkages were identified with World Bank projects that could use RO methodologies, and the capacity building plan for 2019-2020 was approved, including training on SAR processing for Haitian colleagues provided by ASI. The due date for the final report has been moved to Q4 2020 in order to allow the RO team to report to the 2020 plenary.

| 2019-10-02 15:37:32 UTC

Moving due date to Q3 2020 (end september), as delivering in Q4 will not allow the team to report to the 2020 CEOS Plenary.

| 2021-09-01 01:45:48 UTC

This activity is complete/finalised, and was presented in detail at the March 2021 WGDisasters meeting (see PPTs). No further activity planned. The web site will be updated in September 2021.

2019-09-07 03:10:24 UTC
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2021-09-01 01:46:40 UTC