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D DIS-18-01: Report on follow-on actions to Landslide Pilot
Report on follow-on actions to Landslide Pilot
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Completion Date:
2022 Q1 (118 days remaining)

A report will be prepared to summarize the learnings from the landslide pilot;and to recommend pathways forward. Capture lessons learned from the previous work in Mekong region and evaluate and demonstrate extension to other areas as appopriate.

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GEODARMA Initiative
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Dalia Kirschbaum, Jean-Philippe Malet
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Contributing Agencies:
ESA, EU, NASA, USGS, private sector, NGOs and civil society groups, UNDRR, UNESCO, USAID, WB, WMO, IFRC/RCCC
Progress Reports:
2019-09-07 03:10:24 UTC

Update September, 2018, Activities  proceed smoothly and in agreement with the schedule.The pilot is focused on two main regions, with several secondary, experimental regions. The main regions are Nepal and the Pacific Northwest United States, including Washington and Oregon. Plans for the experimental regions are still in development, but include: Southeast Alaska, China, the Caribbean (Haiti and Lesser Antilles), Peru, and Indonesia.

| 2019-09-16 12:59:10 UTC

Updated September 2019. The pilot has been extended by 1 year to fulfill the quota allocated by CEOS members and ensure that the pilot members have time to work with the data and produce some more results by the end of the pilot. A report is in progress to summarize case studies, lessons learned, and recommended pathways forward for the landslide pilot. A companion peer-reviewed publication is also being prepared to characterize the current state of remote sensing monitoring, mapping and modeling opportunities for landslide hazards based on lessons learned and activities from the pilot.

| 2021-09-09 12:00:41 UTC

We have a draft of the report and are planning to prepare it for a technical journal to be submitted later this fall. Our Landslide Demonstrator is progressing along the three main areas in which it was proposed, with the World Bank work nearly complete, the transportation corridors in active satellite tasking/imagery request mode, and the global landslide inventory work part for the LandAware System, with a working group meeting scheduled for late September 2021.

2019-09-07 03:10:24 UTC
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2021-09-09 12:00:41 UTC