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D DIS-15: Support for GEODARMA Identification of Major Hazards and DRR Issues for Each Selected Region
Support for GEODARMA Identification of Major Hazards and DRR Issues for Each Selected Region
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2021 Q4 (511 days remaining)
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May 31, 2019
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Selection of regional institutions and assessment of regional priorities for Africa, Asia and Latin America/Caribbean

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Ivan Petiteville
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2019-09-07 03:10:24 UTC

Update September, 2018, Regional assessment completed for Asia and Africa, while still on going for LAC. Planned closure for Q2 2019.Four project proposals formulated  for further development. One approved at SIT-33 on flood monitoring in Myanmar. Update March 2018This process was completed in two of three regions (Africa, Asia). This process will be completed by Q2 in the third region, and pilot projects are expected to begin in Asia in late 2018. (Last Update 4 Oct 2017):GEO-DARMA began in mid-October 2016, starting with its Concept Phase, which has a goal of Identifying hazards that have large regional impacts and transboundary risks that require regional and multi-country involvement.A very successful mission to Southeast Asia took place in early May with in-depth discussion with UNESCAP and ADPC, who have both agreed to serve as regional institutions. The Latin American mission was held in conjunction with the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) meeting in Cancun, Mexico (May 2017). The Concept Workshop and 1st Steering Committee (SC) meeting took place during that GPDRR meeting, on May 25th. During the summer 2017, the Terms of Reference for SC have been drafted and the Report Template for regional assessments completed after review by the SC members. The Report Template has been sent to the various Regional Institutions to be filled: the Regional assessments underway in two of three regions (SE Asia and Africa), and in one sub-region of third region (Caribbean for Latin America and Caribbean). Reports are expected during Q4 2017.GEO-DARMA has been presented to the Americas Summit for DRR (Buenos-Aires, September 2017)The Africa mission has been delayed to late 2017/early 2018. | 2019-09-19 12:36:27 UTC

Update September 2019. The regional assessment summaries for Africa and Asia were completed in 2018. The final assessment summary for the Latin America and Caribbean region was delayed due to the slow engagement process with the regional organizations. This process was accelerated after further outreach by the GEO-DARMA team and during the Global Platform in May 2019 in Geneva, with the support of the UNDRR Americas office, new partners were brought on board, including the Andean Community and CEPREDANAC. A draft regional assessment has been prepared, closely tied to the Regional Action Plan for Sendai Implementation, and this strategy was presented at the AmeriGEO meeting in Lima Peru in August 2019. It is expected to be ratified shortly, completing the regional assessment process. Now that assessments are complete, project proposals are being developed in each of the regions, in line with the regional assessments.

shadmin | 2019-10-02 15:25:40 UTC

Due date of the deliverable updated in line with the action described in the deliverable (due date Q4 2021)

2019-09-07 03:10:24 UTC

Issues identified and risk management approachInvolvement of Latin American region : Further discussion required for Latin American involvement; many discussions during Americas Summit for DRR in Buenos Aires but challenges involving regional organisations; further work to focus on regional offices of international organisations, and then national governments through specific projects identified. It was recognized at the 1st steering committee meeting that the pace of development may vary from region to region and it seems clear at this phase that Southeast Asia and Africa will be prepared to go forward with prototype projects before Latin America.

2019-09-07 03:10:24 UTC
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