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D DATA-09: ECVs/CDRs Discovery and Access through WGISS Systems
ECVs/CDRs Discovery and Access through WGISS Systems
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2020 Q2 (38 days overdue)
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213 days (1 modifications)
Original Completion Date:
Nov. 30, 2019
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Facilitate discoverability and accessibility of ECV Products and space-born CDRs relevant for the CEOS Carbon Action via WGISS Connected Data Assets Systems & Standards (FedEO/CWIC/IDN, OpenSearch).

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ECV inventory relevant data providers. WGClimate
Responsible Users:
Andrea Della Vecchia, Yonsook Enloe, Michael Morahan
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2019-09-07 03:10:24 UTC

WGISS started from results of WGClimate Questionnaire for ECV Inventory population V2.0; Gap analysis was performed to identify data records already discoverable/accessible through WGISS Connected Data Assets infrasrtructure. 204 datasets from the ECV inventory are not registered in IDN and therefore not accessible through WGISS systems. Providers and PoCs responsible of the 204 datasets preliminarily contacted. First batch of datasets will be addressed and registered by Q1 2019, second batch will be addressed in coordination with WGClimate in the frame of ECV Inventory update to V3. Completion by Q4 2019.Support needed from WGClimate and experts for priorities setting; activities at data providers side to be carried out by relevant entities to ensure data access. | 2019-10-02 13:34:21 UTC

After the WGClimate #10 in March, WGISS has used the downloadable excel file of the ECV Inventory 2.0 (available on to assess the overlap and adequacy of information to be potentially harvested from the ECV Inventory to fulfil part of the requirements of the IDN database. By the end of May, WGISS sent a short summary of progress and a list of issues.  In July WGClimate provided a quick response to some of the issues raised, mostly the ones that are no real issues from the perspective of the database, but rather a consequence of the friendly export (e.g. concatenation of satellites and instruments) or solved in the meantime with the upgrade from ECV Inventory v2 to v3 (e.g. the geographical coverage coordinates). For other issues, e.g., satellite platform and instrument names may be slightly different from GCMD vocabulary solutions are found but could not be implemented due to lack of resources. Some items requre changes to the ECV web interface and can only be realised for ECV Inventory 4.0.

The action is delayed due to the lack of resources and priorities given to the gap analysis and coordinated action plan on the WGClimate side. The action needs a temporal extension of 6 months.

2019-09-07 03:10:24 UTC
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2019-10-04 10:27:55 UTC